Rank 1: Ron

Quarterbacks - Flacco - Stafford - Grade C+
Looks like a couple of Fantasy Back Ups to me. QB's are by Far the highest scoring players in our league. Can you go to war with Flacco as your QB? He has a lot to prove but he does have Boldin, Mason, TJ and Rice. Could be Nice?

Runningbacks - Peterson - Wells - Harrison - Grade B-
Is Peterson already looking warn down? Where are the Long Explosive Runs? Peterson has had a ton of carries in his short career and was an injury risk when he came in the NFL. Good Luck with that. Beane Wells in the 3rd round was a dumb pick but Ron must not have known he was hurt and he did back him up with Hightower. Harrison?? Why? Sure would suck if you had to face Hightower in week 1.

Receivers - White - the Old Steve Smith - "85" - Grade A-
I like it. Ochocinco as your #3 ain't bad. White has been solid for a few seasons now and the Old Steve Smith can still stretch the field. These guys should hold their own all season and may contend for top WR unit.

Tight Ends - Shianco - Gresham - Grade B+
Shianco may be the only guy Favre has got?

Kicker / Defense - Crosby - Dallas - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Crosby could light up the score board.

Best Pick: Flacco - 6th Round - Some one had to take a chance on him. I guess?

Worst Pick: Beane Wells - 3rd Round - 2nd pick of the 3rd round? Are you kidding me?

Outlook:The only reason Ron is ranked #1 is so I don't Jinx the real #1 team. His team should win 9 or 10 games.

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