Rank 3: Carl

Quarterbacks - Rivers - Anderson - Grade B-
Rivers is one of the few QB's that won't lead the team in scoring but with CJ2K on the roster, he doesn't have too. A weak schedule should really help Rivers stay in the top 10.

Runningbacks - CJ2K - Thomas - Spiller - Grade A
Having Chris Johnson and anything other than CJ Spiller gives you a huge advantage at the RB position. Pierre Thomas is not CJ Spiller and that make this a dangerous pair of rushers.

Receivers - Sims Walker - Driver - Garcon - Grade D
Well...? I have at least heard of Donald Driver. He's been in the league for like 20 years. The other clowns? Aren't of much account. Sims Walker is the king of Goose Eggs and Garcon is no Devery Henderson?

Tight Ends - Gonzalez - Scheffler - Grade C+
Gonzo is like 70 years old in dog years and football years. He is better than the guys in the pot so I guess that's better than spending five dollars each week chasing the pool all star.

Kicker / Defense - Gostkowski - Pittsburgh - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Carl is Ranked 3rd because of Rivers / CJ2K and a great kicker and defense. That's all he's got.

Best Pick: Gostkowski - 5th kicker off the board?

Worst Pick: Sims-Walker - Never heard of him????

Outlook: CJ2K needs to get hurt to keep this team from winning 10 games and challenging for a top spot.

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