Rank 4: Kocur

Quarterbacks - Brees - Cassel - Grade A-
Brees has a great chance to be the top QB in fantasy football. Sure would be nice if he had a couple decent WRs.

Runningbacks - Mathews - Foster - Barber - Grade B
Anyone ever heard of Ryan Mathews and Arian Foster? Not before you got your 2010 Fantasy Football Magazine. They are both considered top options for 2010 but all I can say is "We'll See?"

Receivers - Colston - Bolden - Cotchery - Grade D+
Bunch of Burners Here? Not! Colston only shows up once every 3 weeks like the other Saints WRs. Bolden could be nice. Cotchery is the 3rd best WR on the Jets. They aren't a passing team.

Tight Ends - Winslow - Boss - Grade F
Really? Winslow in the sixth? Have you ever had him before? He SUCKS!!!!

Kicker / Defense - Cundiff - Green Bay - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Green Bay does get to play Detroit twice and the Ravens kick lots of FG's

Best Pick: Foster - 5th round - I was just 4 picks from taking him. Shit!

Worst Pick: Winslow - 6th round - Your 5th round pick will outscore your 6th round pick by a 100.

Outlook: No way this is a championship team but if the RBs pan out, Twerps could win 9 games.

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