Rank 5: Ernie

Quarterbacks - Eli Manning - Big Ben - Grade B+
I really like this combo. For a team that waited on QB, he did alright. Almost gave him an A. Eli is a top 10 option with great WR's and Big Ben should be solid in the 2nd half when the weather gets bad in New York.

Runningbacks - Jackson - McCoy - Portis - Grade C+
Jackson ran well all last year but only posted 4 TDs. He should be able to double that this season. McCoy and Portis play in a really tough division. Glad they aren't on my team.

Receivers - Wayne - Steve Smith - Edwards - Grade B-
Wayne is still an elite option at WR. Steve Smith is a nice hook up for Eli. Braylon Edwards was an All Star just 2 years ago. Ok, I hate Braylon just like the rest of the world. Maybe I should change this grade to a C.

Tight Ends - Vernon Davis - Grade F
Yes, you heard me F. There is no way he can reproduce last year's numbers and no way he should have been drafted ahead of Gates.

Kicker / Defense - Longwell - New Orleans - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... The Saints had a ton defensive TD's last year. I'm sure they'll be able to do that again.

Best Pick: Big Ben - 12th round - If you didn't take a QB in the 1st or 2nd round you needed to draft Big Ben.

Worst Pick: Longwell - 6th round - Really? 1st Kicker off the board. I think you should have taken a #3 WR. (like Hakeem Nicks maybe?)

Outlook: This team smells like a 5th place team to me. I doesn't stink like some of your teams but it doesn't smell like big money either.

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