Rank 6: Ramos

Quarterbacks - Schaub - Sanchez - Grade B+
Schaub is coming off of a career year. As long as he stays healthy (and Andre Johnson stays healthy) he should do just fine.

Runningbacks - Brown - Stewart - Bradshaw - Grade B-
Wow this is RB by committee central. Brown shares with Rickey, Bradshaw with Jacobs, and Stewart with DeAngelo. At least two of them get the big end of the split.

Receivers - Moss - Crabtree - Jackson - Meachem - Grade C
This WR corp is no better than a C even with Randy Moss but if Vincent Jackson does something this year, they could be good.

Tight Ends - Gates - Keller - Grade A
Love Gates this year. Top TE in my book. No Jackson and Tomlinson in San Diego could make for a big year for Gates.

Kicker / Defense - Tynes - Cincinnati - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Tynes (or any Giants kicker) always seems to put up numbers.

Best Pick: Ronnie Brown - 3rd Round - He's Good. He doesn't get enough respect.

Worst Pick: Crabtree - 5th round - I would hate to have him as my #2. Yuck!

Outlook: Why is Ramos ranked in the top 6? That's a playoff team? He hasn't made the playoffs in 10 years? Well... at least, the 6th place team doesn't get paid.

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