Rank 7: MrG

Quarterbacks - Palmer - Kolb - Grade B+
Palmer is a boarder line Fantasy starter but MrG backed him up with Kolb who is also a boardline Fantasy starter. Not bad for a team that waited on QB.

Runningbacks - Jones Drew - Green - Bush - Grade A-
MJD has been a top Fantasy producer for years now and is still in his prime. Shonn Green was a monster at Iowa and now plays behind the best O-Line in the NFL. These guys could compete with CJ2K for top RB unit. I also like Reggie Bush for bye weeks. He's like having a 4th WR.

Receivers - Fitzgerald - Owens - TJ - Grade B
I got to give it a B. Fitzgerald will be an elite WR with Leinart out of town. You can't stop Fitz. T.O. is a great hook up with Palmer. TJ has been a Fantasy starter for 5 years and somehow the Ravens will get him enough balls to make him a #3.

Tight Ends - Shockey - Watson - Grade F
Not Shockey again??? He never scores.

Kicker / Defense - Prater - Denver - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But...Sucks, I would hate to have Denver and Prater but they do have a nice schedule.

Best Pick: Fitzgerald - 3rd Round - He's Good. Now that Leinart is gone.

Worst Pick: Anthony Gonzalez - 6th round - 4th WR for the Colts. Not on any of my lists?

Outlook: Could actually be a playoff team. The RB's and the WR's are decent. All the Cows need is consistent play out of the QB position. Could happen?

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