Rank 8: Pat

Quarterbacks - Rodgers - Hasselbeck - Grade A
Rodgers is a Fantasy Stud at a critical position in our league. Should challenge for the #1 QB all season. He did get hit a lot last year. Let's hope he doesn't get hurt because that would leave the G Men with Hasselbeck.

Runningbacks - Addai - Benson - Ricky - Grade B-
Aren't these guys done? Addai and Benson are 27. Ricky is 33. All were useful running backs last year and they might have one more year left but I wouldn't have burned a #2 and #3 pick on this backfield.

Receivers - Bowe - Floyd - Mason - Gaffney - Grade D+
No Elite WRs. "Me hate it!" These guys are all boader line number 2's and 3's. I don't even know who to sit. Gaffney might be the best one? Good luck setting your line up each week.

Tight Ends - Finley - Miller - Grade A
Love Jermichael Finley. Should be the G Men's top receiver and he is a Hook Up with Rodgers. 5th TE off the board. How lucky was that?

Kicker / Defense - Crosby - Dallas - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Hartley is a risk. Could be Top Kicker by years end or could be cut for Carney.

Best Pick: Finley - 4th Round - Monster Hook Up with Rodgers

Worst Pick: Addai - 2nd Round - Should have went Elite WR (Miles Austin...See Championship Roster 2009)

Outlook: Too many holes and too many goose eggs. The WRs will struggle to score and if the RB's don't get in the end zone they will barely get their "2's" The WRs wouldn't look so bad if they had a legitamate #1 to run with.

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