Rank 9: Patrick

Quarterbacks - Romo - Campbell - Grade B-
Taking a Running Back in the first round always leaves you with a questionable QB. Tony Romo is a step above the crappy guys.

Runningbacks - Gore - Forte - McFadden - Grade A-
Frank Gore is ready for a Monster year. Great back, good team and a bunch of cup cakes on the schedule. He is Fantasy gold and an intelligent #4 pick. Matt Forte in the 4th round is a bit of a reach but I like him. He's no Marshall Faulk but I would take half that production as my #2 RB. McFadden was a good pick. He should get off to a decent start with Bush on the mend. That is 3 intelligent picks.

Receivers - Megatron -Dez Bryant - Knox - Naanee - Grade D-
Here's where the picking gets stupid. Why would you take Megatron over the Jackel. Jennings has Rodgers to get him the ball. Knox is on all the sleeper lists but I would be a little worried about loading up on Bears. Now, Bryant has #1 talent and a high ankle sprain. I don't do "high ankle sprains." We won't even talk about Naanee. You should have learned from Ramos last year that drafting guys without stickers is stupid.

Tight Ends - Cooley - Heap - Grade D
Cooley and Heap? What year is it? 2005?

Kicker / Defense - Kaeding - Chicago - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Another Bear? Patrick must really Love Mike Marts.

Best Pick: Gore - 1st Round - Could have went Elite QB but I like Gore more.

Worst Pick: Cooley or Bryant - Take your pick. That was a bad run of picks!

Outlook: "Lions and Raiders and Bears, oh my". There are six players on this team that play for Chicago, Oakland, and Detrioit. That can't be good.

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