Rank 10: J&K

Quarterbacks - Ryan -Alex Smith - Grade D
Did J&K really start Alex Smith in Week 1? That should tell you all you need to know about how crappy this QB situation is.

Runningbacks - Rice - Moreno - Cadillac - Grade C
This backfield could put up some yards once "No Show" is healthy but I don't see many TD's out of the top two guys. Cadillac will get the TD's but how can you play him?

Receivers - Austin - Jennings - Moss - Maclin - Grade B+
I actually like all four of these guys. Austin is for Real. He's Elite. The Jackel had an off year last year but with Rodgers throwing him the ball. That won't happen again. Moss could be McNabb's new Jackson. He still has speed. Maclin is a NFL #1 pick and nice sleeper.

Tight Ends - Celek - Davis - Grade C
Last year Celek had a great year and J&K never used him. This year they will use him every week and he will suck.

Kicker / Defense - Akers - Baltimore - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... I like it. Two top 10 guys at their position but won't be much help when you have QB's like these.

Best Pick: The Jackel - 3rd Round - Could challenge for #1 WR

Worst Pick: Jay Cutler - 5th round - Where is he??? How could you pass on him for 5 rounds????

Outlook: This is a really crappy team with decent WRs. An Elite QB like Cutler or Brady would have made this a playoff team. How could you pass on Cutler?

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