Rank 11: Billy

Quarterbacks - Peyton - McNabb - Grade A
Peyton is set up to have another Monster year and McNabb should be decent trade bait since 5 teams in our league don't have a QB.

Runningbacks - DeAngelo - Charles - McGahee - Grade C+
DeAngelo is solid Fantasy Back but he has a Jonathan Stewart problem. Does any one believe in Jamall Charles. I Don't. McGahee will continue to steal Ray Rice's TD so I guess he's a possible play.

Receivers - Jackson - Wallace - Cribbs - Berrian - Grade D-
DeSean Jackson is the only thing keeping this from being an F-. Did you get a list of top WR's before the draft? Wallace, Cribbs and Berrian weren't on my list. My list had guys like Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Wes Welker on it.

Tight Ends - Witten - Grade D
Witten is a good NFL TE but not a great Fantasy TE and should not have be drafted in the 4th round ahead of Jermichael Finley.

Kicker / Defense - Folk - Jets - Grade C
Imposible to predict? Every one gets a C. But... Don't like it. Are the Jets for really. I wouldn't bet my Kicker and Defense on it.

Best Pick: Peyton - 1st Round - Draft was all down hill from there.

Worst Pick: Cribbs - 11th Round - As your #3 WR?

Outlook: Well, with this team you don't have to watch many games. Only Peyton Manning has a chance to score.

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